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How Do You Make A Decision About A Singular Symbol That Will Follow The Rest Of Your Career?

My Gilroy Dentist LogoThe Logo

It was a topic that agonized me during the early weeks and months after I inherited my dental practice from the admirable Dr. Eric Nagareda.

While doing research on logos online, I found there are countless How To’s and tips on how to design something that would represent my business and which can captivate. It truly challenged me to self-reflect about my passion for dentistry, and the values I wanted to define for my new business.

Why Green Represents My Dentistry

Green is the color of the environment, renewal, and growth. To me, it is neutral yet energizing. I was lucky enough to be able to establish a dental home in the verdant and vibrant town of Gilroy, and I wanted Gilroy to be present in my logo. Truly, a great dental practice is an extension of the community and people around it, and they can be one and the same.

My goals as a dentist are to maintain and sustain good oral health in my patients, so that in the future, dental problems can be avoided. In situations when restorative dentistry is required such as with fillings and crowns, my job is to renew teeth function and quality of life in my patients, so that they can chew, talk, and smile comfortably and radiantly. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing a patient smile confidently after a dental transformation, large or small.

The exciting thing about dentistry is that it never stays stagnant. Although I have been doing essentially the same things for years now, new innovations in systems, materials, and technology continually allow me to grow as a professional and provide care that is high quality, effective, efficient, and long-lasting. Watching my patients grow with increased dental knowledge and awareness is thrilling also!

My Gilroy Dentist

I love that my fictitious business name, depending on how it is read, means something different. Just as dentistry as a field and individual businesses are multidimensional, so too can be a practice name!

When read as My Gilroy, Dentist, my practice name represents that Gilroy is my home away from home. Half of my time is spent at the practice, and the other half is spent thinking about it. Among my dental friends, we often joke that practice ownership is akin to having a baby - it relentlessly demands dedication, time, energy, and emotionally drains on some days, but nothing is more beautiful than watching it develop and building relationships with people as we go.

Some observant individuals may notice that the tooth illustration in my logo (thank you for your creativity, The Print Shop in Morgan Hill!) actually forms a shape like the “@” symbol. Yes, this is intentional! It is a pictorial representation of my URL, but also where you can be “at.”

The part that really makes me smile inside is that with the @ in front of “my,” the logo actually spells my name - Amy, Gilroy Dentist.

Dentistry As An Art

I have always enjoyed art and expressions of creativity. Dentistry appealed to me as it allows a combination of both science, which I most naturally gravitate towards, and art. In repairing a tooth, building a crown preparation, redesigning a smile, it is all art. Look carefully at the outline which defines the tooth in my logo - the lines are brush strokes!

The Final Design

There you have It. All these considerations led to what you see today. My Gilroy Dentist - I hope that as YOUR dentist, I can be a part of creating a lifetime of invigorating, transformative, and meaningful dental experiences!