How We Restored One Patient’s Smile After Veneers: Part 3

How We Restored One Patient’s Smile After Veneers: Part 3

Sealing the Final Results and Restoring a Beautiful Smile

My patient came to My Gilroy Dentist, Amy N. Tran, D.D.S. seeking guidance after receiving veneers she did not like. Once we established our vision, the next step was to whiten the existing teeth. After that, her teeth were as pearly white as they could be! Now what?

Step 2: Teeth Preparation and Temporization

Our next step entailed preparing my patient’s six front teeth to receive new veneers and the new implant crown.

During this appointment, after achieving adequate local anesthesia, I carefully removed my patient’s existing veneers using an electric handpiece. After gaining access to the natural tooth structure, I reshaped and refined the dentin and enamel surfaces, keeping the final esthetic design in mind.

Although porcelain veneers are very thin, they do take up physical space, so I had to shape the existing tooth structure in a way that would accommodate the new restorations. This requires meticulous planning and tooth preparation to meet very specific requirements -- any significant deviation from ideal could make the teeth appear bulky!

The appointment is finished by taking a “final impression” in polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) materials, which is submitted to our local dental lab for the fabrication of beautiful porcelain restorations. We are very fortunate to work with Williams Dental Lab in Gilroy. Their dental technicians are trained according to the elite Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies curriculum, hand designing and fabricating each case.

While awaiting the completion of the lab-fabricated porcelain restorations, a process that typically requires two weeks, I created custom temporary restorations for my patient to wear. I check them for fit, function (with assurance that her bite was normal and not uneven), and esthetics before the appointment is over.

My hand-fabricated temporary restorations (front six teeth):

Step 3: Cementation of Final Restorations. The Grand Reveal!

Finally, it came time to deliver the permanent restorations for my patient! I was just as thrilled as she was to see the final product after our esthetic dentistry journey together.

Below, see how we accomplished our cosmetic goals



My patient and I were ecstatic with our final outcome. I am so thankful that, through dentistry, I can help my patients reclaim their smile and restore teeth to their optimal function and esthetics.

To my patient, thank you for entrusting your smile to my care!

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